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  • China POSSR IMPORT & EXPORT TRADE CO.,LTD company profile
  • China POSSR IMPORT & EXPORT TRADE CO.,LTD company profile
  • China POSSR IMPORT & EXPORT TRADE CO.,LTD company profile
  • China POSSR IMPORT & EXPORT TRADE CO.,LTD company profile
Company Details
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Worldwide
Business Type: Trading Company
No. of Employees: 100~120
Year Established: 2010
Export p.c: 80% - 90%


Possr Import And Export Trade Co.,Ltd. Founded in 2010 .locates in Guangzhou. China. We have been a professional manufacturer & trader for Auto sensors,  Switches,  Motors,  Injectors,  Ignition coils,  Airbag spiral cable sub-assy,  Fuel pumps,  Air flow meters,  Engine Cylinder Gasket,  Oxygen sensors,  Tensioner, Engine Timing belt,  Bearing,  Engine mount,  Water pumps, Ball joints,  Fuel filters,  Chassis parts,  Engine parts, etc.


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After nine years of development, has been focused on Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche engine and chassis parts research and development, design, adhere to the brand development, OEM standard manufacturing, import and export sales as one of the company.And committed to improve after-sales service, and constantly enhance the value added space of brand products.Is recognized in the industry has experience, has the strength of the excellent auto parts brand operator.



MANER has developed nearly two thousand products, covering half shaft, transmission shaft, timing set, swing arm, ignition coil, solenoid valve, blower, shock absorber, piston assembly, front wheel bearing, water pump series, repair package series, wiper, machine foot glue, etc., promising a two-year warranty of 60,000 km, providing first-class service for customers.



Guangzhou baosen auto parts co., Ltd. (MANER) has successively won the titles of "guangdong province shou contract and credit enterprise", "standing director unit of guangdong automobile after-sales service industry association" and "standing vice President of guangzhou automobile parts industry association". Canton fair received great response, attracting friends at home and abroad to stop, unanimously won high praise.



MANER is committed to building the first brand of high quality in automobile aftermarket.Company to the concept, technology, service, product, price as the core value, all customer demand as the center.


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"Because focus, so professional", for many years MANER adhere to the "excellent quality, sincere cooperation, high efficiency, perfect service" business philosophy, to build "attentively service, meet demand" of the core value of enterprise and make unremitting efforts, won the trust of many customers and praise, in the national auto parts industry establish a good corporate brand image.Thank you for your support and attention!



Established in 2010.POSSR IMPORT & EXPORT TRADE CO.,LTD.About 8 years of development, we have been focusing on the engine parts and chassis parts of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, design, brand development, OEM manufacturing, import and export sales.



Our products include accessories of Engine Systems, Fuel Systems, Cooling Systems, Lubrication Systems, Steering Systems, Tires & Wheels, Suspension Systems, Brake Systems, Electrical Systems, Ignition Systems, Starting Systems, Lamps & Horns, Instrument Panels, Wipers & Washers, Heating & Air conditioning Systems, Electronic Parts, ECU, Clutches, Transmission Systems, Drive Shaft Assemblies, Interior Trim Parts, Body Accessories etc.



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Our main export markets include Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, India, Poland, Iceland, Australia, Middle East etc. Many customers place continuous orders with us due to good product quality and reasonable price.


MANER Service concept


First, respect customer, understand customer, continue to provide exceed customer expectations of products and services, do customers forever partners.This is our has always insisted on and advocated by the service concept.Second, the customer is always right first, customer is the commodity buyers, is not a trouble maker;


Second, the customer is always right first, customer is the commodity buyers, is not a trouble maker;Second, the customer the most aware of their needs and interests, this is what companies need to collect the information;Third, because customers have a consistent "natural," is the same customer quarrel quarrel with all customers.


Third, the three elements of customer satisfaction: commodity satisfaction: refers to customers satisfied with the quality of the goods.Service satisfaction: refers to the customer for the purchased goods pre-sale, sale, after-sales service of a certain attitude.How no matter how perfect the goods, the price is reasonable, when it appeared in the market, must rely on the service."After-sales service make permanent customer".Corporate image satisfaction refers to the social public to the enterprise comprehensive strength and the overall impression of certain evaluation.4 and 5 s concept of "5 s" means "SMILE (SMILE), fast (EED), honesty, SINCERITY, clever (SMART), studies (STUDY) English acronym five words."5 s" concept is the most representative service culture innovation, not only has the human nature real time characteristic, also has considerable maneuverability.Smile: a modest smile.



Details of the Department see the real chapter, MANER's "6S" management​


Gold and nine silver ten, all industries are beginning to busy, Gao Ma is the majority of new and old customers by the strong support, although many colleagues need to work overtime late every night, but still remember the company's management of the spirit of the document, do a good job Site "6S" management.



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Warehouse corner: clean warehouse can not only improve the efficiency of staff to show the spirit of the face, the most important thing is to fully protect the warehouse information is accurate, to ensure that customers receive time, maintain a good image of the enterprise.


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MANER Cutting machine operation "6S" management


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MANER Automatic Water pump test System "6S" Management


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Do the production site "6S" management work, not only make the scene clean and tidy, work orderly, more continuous improvement of work quality and efficiency, the most important thing is that enterprises and employees through the "6S" management requirements, Common development and common progress, to help employees establish a positive attitude, to develop good behavior.
Although no matter how busy, we do not forget the moment to the highest standards of their own, from the little things around to start, and then penetrate into the production quality, from top to bottom concentric, so as to achieve our great brand!

Our Team

Tenet: honesty, customer First talent: loyalty, integrity, professional and enterprising product Concept: to let the world know our quality Style: earnest, quickly, the rule of our promises: to ensure complete the task, not excuses .self cultivation, education is good Customer satisfaction: is our eternal pursuit Mission:to become the world's most influential suppliers based on the world's top stage Guangzhou This Toward The Declaration Enterprise Use: we walk in the forefront of science and technology, make the action of the giant; We have to face numerous challenges make us feel fear; Let us together and strive for our great dream! Our loyal integrity, our professional enterprising, we love every one of us, let us fight for this to grow.



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