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1. According to the company's overall strategic planning and annual business objectives,
the annual product development plan of the company's products is drawn up according to the product plan formulated by the commodity department
the company's existing products and marketing communication, sales tracking,
based on the feedback of market information, timely improvement in the design,
the adjustment factor is not ideal, so that products meet the market demand, increase competitiveness;
2. Responsible for organizing the design review, technical validation and technical validation during the product design process;
3. Responsible for the formulation, approval, filing and storage of relevant technical, process documents and standard sample parts;
4. Responsible for the collection, arrangement and filing of new concepts, new technologies,
new processes and new materials related to design and development.
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OEM Overview:
1. We have factories focus on parts production and research.
2. Our OEM products can reach the Mitsubishi Genuine Quality.
3. You can send us the parts number,photo and quantity, then we can arrange the production according to your requirements.
4. Our own factory is located in Jiangsu Province, also cooperate with some famous factories in Guangdong and Zhejiang Province.
5. Our goods high quality, good price, and professional service.
We have confidence in providing you with excellent service and ideal products.
1. R & D department is the core Department of the company, shouldering the task of developing improving the function of products.
2. The work flow of R & D center is divided into five steps: plan, design, execution, test and maintenance.