Basf specializes in plastic additives to help car interior and exterior trim weather conditions

June 28, 2019

Latest company news about Basf specializes in plastic additives to help car interior and exterior trim weather conditions

latest company news about Basf specializes in plastic additives to help car interior and exterior trim weather conditions  0


With plastic parts in automobile lightweight, beautiful design and comfortability, improve motor function and structure of the role of increasingly prominent, and because the original plastic and keep the surface must be used throughout the cycle performance durability and appearance of the material itself, so the custom of light stabilizer for automotive oems and formula designers are more and more important.Basf recently introduced a new type of plastic stabilizer for automotive interior and exterior components: the new hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) Tinuvin® 880, which helps polymer manufacturers and processors in the automotive industry retain and extend the characteristics of plastics to the maximum.



Basf's new generation of methylated hindered amine-light stabilizer HALS can help formula designers optimize the appearance and performance of a variety of automotive interior components for long-term durability.Not only does the Tinuvin® 880 offer unmatched, long-lasting uv resistance, it also significantly improves thermal stability, which is critical for interior applications.In addition, the formula design improves secondary characteristics by eliminating defects such as mold scale and surface stickiness, and is effective even for scratch resistant materials.This unique 100% active material provides the formulation designer with full design freedom to accurately adjust the component performance and improve the economic benefit.The main materials used for interior parts include polypropylene, other thermoplastic polyolefin and styrene mixtures.They are often used in the manufacture of dashboards, door panels, center console, glove boxes, decorative parts and other products.Plastic is increasingly used to make car parts because of its advantages of light weight, high freedom of design and lower cost.However, these plastic components are subjected to daily uv exposure and thermal aging, requiring the use of customized stabilizers and increased formulation flexibility.




The unique properties of the Tinuvin® 880 provide long-term uv protection and are expected to be the material of choice for improving the stability of body parts, including bumpers, side cladding panels and door sills.


Basf light stabilization additives can filter out harmful uv light and can also be used as free radical scavengers to prevent polymer aging, maintaining its appearance and chemical/physical properties.For example, they can be used in car body and interior parts to provide effective protection against long periods of direct sunlight and high temperatures.As a leading supplier of plastic additives, basf has more than 50 years of experience in this field.Its complete portfolio of innovative products includes a variety of stabilizers that reduce processing difficulties and improve thermal and light stability of a variety of polymers and applications, including molded parts, films, fibers, plates and extrusion profiles.